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Chantal Akerman’s “From the Other Side” now streaming on Amazon

Using technology developed for the military, the flow of illegal immigration into San Diego has been stemmed. But for the desperate, there are still the dangerous deserts of Arizona, where Chantal Akerman shifts her focus. See it on Amazon here

“Svetlana About Svetlana” on Amazon Instant Video

Click to see a preview and to order the film

The Hollywood Reporter: Period between DVD, VOD releases shrinks

By Georg Szalai The window between the average movie’s DVD and VOD releases has shrunk to just five days, down sharply from the 30 to 45 days that were common a few years ago, according to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who on Thursday chastised studios for mismanaging release windows. Most movies are already being released […]

What Is Netflix Up To?

Note that Netflix is also removing from the film detail pages (all together, or burying) the interactive and social networking aspects of their web site, e.g. Friends feature, Top 10 Lists, etc., and removing the  list of 5 films that people who liked this film also liked, etc? I have a nascent theory, but what […]

Demand dips for online films

By Matthew Garrahan, The Financial Times Published: February 28 2010 Hollywood’s hopes for a future built on digital film downloads have been severely undermined by research showing cooling consumer demand for movies online. The film industry was banking on digital distribution eventually replacing the income it generates from sales of DVDs, which have been in […]

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