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Fandor: Chris Marker’s Image Index

As Europe’s grasp on the early 20th-century globe tightens into a death grip in REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS TO COME. By Kevin B. Lee Remembrance of Things to Come can safely be considered Chris Marker’s last great work (that is, unless you’re a fan of cat videos… and who isn’t?). At the sprightly age of eighty two, Marker collaborated […]

Cinema Lesson: Discussion of the works of Chris Marker

Lezione di cinema – Dialogo sull’opera di Chris Marker from Cineteca di Bologna on Vimeo.

Le Joli Mai Trailer

Le Joli Mai Poster

AFC: What do you mean, you never know?

By Gérard de Battista May 1985, filming Level Five on Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost island. Extremely small team : Marker and me, him with a Walkman-style tape recorder modified by Antoine Bonfanti, and me with an Arri 16 SR, a Zeiss 11-110mm zoom lens, a backpack containing a magazine, film, and changing bag. It was the fortieth anniversary of the American […]

Chris Marker – Six DVDs

Tribute to Chris Marker by Max Moswitzer

Tribute to Chris Marker by Max Moswitzer from École des Arts Déco – Paris on Vimeo.

Projection Publique: Chris Marker, explorateur du siècle

Il est mort le jour de ses 91 ans, le 29 juillet. Jusqu’au dernier moment, il aura surveillé le score de son film Chat écoutant la musique sur YouTube. Rien d’anecdotique à cela, mais une curiosité sans fin pour les techniques modernes et un amour des chats, deux des nombreuses facettes de l’homme qui avait choisi de […]

UCLA’s Documentary Salon: A Tribute to Chris Marker (5/8)

For more details on the screenings, visit the UCLA GSA website here. Event Date: May 8, 2012 – 7:30pm Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA Featuring: ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF ANDREI ARSENEVICH (Chris Marker, 1999) and TO CHRIS MARKER, AN UNSENT LETTER (Emiko Omori, 2012) Co-Curated by Marina Goldovskaya and Samuel B. […]

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“every day a different camera from a different film” including: Si j’avais quatre dromedaires (Chris Marker 1966): Rolleiflex

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