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Jonathan Rosenbaum’s 1981 Review of “Tighten Your Belts”

From The Soho News, October 6, 1981. I’m embarrassed to confess that over three decades later, I have no recollection at all about Tighten Your Belts, Bite the Bullet apart from what I wrote about it, although I’m happy to report that the film is still in distribution, and available from Icarus Films. — J.R. […]

From Real | Reel Journal: “John Akomfrah and The Black Audio Film Collective: A (Trans)National Treasure”

By Chloë Penman John Akomfrah is a black-British filmmaker, coming out of a tradition of politically engaged and aesthetically minded experimental art cinema. In her Guardian article, John Akomfrah: Migration and Memory, Sukhdev Sanhu states that “John Akomfrah (is) widely recognised as one of Britain’s most expansive and intellectually rewarding film makers”. Akomfrah was part of the Black […]

Chantal Akerman’s “From the Other Side” now streaming on Amazon

Using technology developed for the military, the flow of illegal immigration into San Diego has been stemmed. But for the desperate, there are still the dangerous deserts of Arizona, where Chantal Akerman shifts her focus. See it on Amazon here

From The Guardian: Artist David Weiss dies aged 66

Alex Needham The Swiss artist David Weiss has died aged 66. Weiss earned an international reputation in partnership with fellow artist Peter Fischli, with whom he started working in 1979. The pair had a retrospective at London’s Tate Modern in 2006 and were recently ranked 26th in a list of the world’s 100 most important artists by the […]

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