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The Hollywood Reporter: Period between DVD, VOD releases shrinks

By Georg Szalai The window between the average movie’s DVD and VOD releases has shrunk to just five days, down sharply from the 30 to 45 days that were common a few years ago, according to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who on Thursday chastised studios for mismanaging release windows. Most movies are already being released […]

Gizmodo: This Year’s UC Irvine Medical Students Get The First iPad-Based Curriculum

By Christina Bonnington Forget sitting, lazily note-taking, listening to a professor’s lecture. UC Irvine Med School is giving the educational system an about face by providing an iPad to each of its new students for their entirely digital, iPad-based curriculum. Dr. Ralph Clayman, the dean of the School of Medicine, is committed to embracing evolving technology, […]

The Wrap: We’re in the Grips of a Media Pricing Frenzy

By Johnnie L. Roberts Welcome to the age of re-priced media. From the theatrical box office to every new platform of digital publishing and video entertainment, signs of  fundamental pricing change are increasingly evident across the media economy. And if the frenzy is unprecedented, the catalyst for it is also without parallel—a wave of new media-friendly […]

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