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IDA, USC and Others File Reply Comment with FCC

From the International Documentary Association On Monday, April 26, reply comments were submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning preservation of the open Internet and the broadband industry. The comments were submitted for the International Documentary Association, Film Independent, University Film & Video Association, Independent Filmmaker Project, IFP / Chicago, IFP Minnesota and National […]

Reading on iPad before bed can affect sleep habits

From the L.A. Times Technology Blog Apple’s iPad can do movies, music, e-mail, apps and rich Web browsing. And of course, e-books. Should Amazon just put its comparably basic e-reader, the Kindle, to sleep? Not so fast. Sleep experts say using the iPad before bed can affect sleeping habits unlike most other e-readers. The difference? […]

It’s Time for the Press to Push Back Against Apple

Yank iPad apps unless Apple cedes complete control over the right to publish By Ryan Chittum, posted at Columbia Journalism Review The Nieman Journalism Lab’s Laura McGann has a disturbing report that ought to perk up every news organization that sees Apple’s iPad as part of its future. McGann talked to Mark Fiore, who won a […]

Thomas Balmès

By: Julian Chavez | April 12, 2010 | From Malibu Magazine Thomas Balmès is the filmmaker behind the new documentary Babies, which is opening Mother’s Day Weekend.

The Factory of Facts/Against Mystification: “Jean Rouch’s Discipline of Truth”

Posted at Red Channels Thursday April 8th – 8:00PM 92Y-Tribeca 200 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013 In Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Image of Proust” (1929)* he writes, “all great works of literature either found a genre or dissolve one.” But sometimes they do both, simultaneously, as in the case of Morin and Rouch’s Chronicle of […]

I’m Really Worried About What Apple Is Trying To Do With The iPad

By Jeff Jarvis I tweeted earlier that after having slept with her (Ms. iPad), I woke up with morning-after regrets. She’s sweet and pretty but shallow and vapid. Cute line, appropriate for retweets. But as my hangover settles in, I realize that there’s something much more basic and profound that worries me about the iPad — and […]

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