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Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley

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Press Reaction to ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’ Home Video Release

Here’s a roundup of press reactions to the Icarus Films Home Video release of  Rocky Road to Dublin:, March 28, 2010 – Four stars review by John Adams Montreal Gazette, March 26, 2010 – Positive review by Al Kratina in “Subject too sensitive?” DVD guide Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 26, 2010 -  Positive review by Philip […]

What Is Netflix Up To?

Note that Netflix is also removing from the film detail pages (all together, or burying) the interactive and social networking aspects of their web site, e.g. Friends feature, Top 10 Lists, etc., and removing the  list of 5 films that people who liked this film also liked, etc? I have a nascent theory, but what […]

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