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As Europe’s grasp on the early 20th-century globe tightens into a death grip in REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS TO COME.

By Kevin B. Lee

Remembrance of Things to Come can safely be considered Chris Marker’s last great work (that is, unless you’re a fan of cat videos… and who isn’t?). At the sprightly age of eighty two, Marker collaborated with filmmaker Yannick Bellon on an essay documentary about Bellon’s mother Denise, an intrepid French photographer of the 1930s and 1940s whose images bear witness to French life as it slid inexorably into the most catastrophic period of the 20th century.

Marker’s narration, voiced by Alexandra Stewart, navigates a vast collection of Denise Bellon’s photographs to weave an agile and intensely observant account of the world these images depict, as well as an account of their maker’s odyssey in capturing them. Bellon was a member of the French Surrealist clique, whose uninhibited embrace of unsettling images informs her own photographic adventures. Disfigured World War I veterans; West African soldiers; Tunisian brothels; an ill-fated invasion of Franco’s Spain: taken together they construct a stunning vision of Europe’s grasp on the 20th-century globe tightening into a death grip.

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Allan Sekula and Noël Burch: The Forgotten Space – panel discussion

This panel discussion, featuring Allan Sekula, Noël Burch and Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Modern Art at Harvard University, addresses issues raised by Sekula and Burch’s recent film, The Forgotten Space

Cinema Lesson: Discussion of the works of Chris Marker

Lezione di cinema – Dialogo sull’opera di Chris Marker from Cineteca di Bologna on Vimeo.

Le Joli Mai Trailer

Le Joli Mai Poster

Le Joli Mai Poster

Le Joli Mai Poster

AFC: What do you mean, you never know?

By Gérard de Battista

May 1985, filming Level Five on Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost island. Extremely small team : Marker and me, him with a Walkman-style tape recorder modified by Antoine Bonfanti, and me with an Arri 16 SR, a Zeiss 11-110mm zoom lens, a backpack containing a magazine, film, and changing bag.

It was the fortieth anniversary of the American landing on the island and the battle that followed. The film talks about the war in general and we filmed the different battlefields, ceremonies, families visiting the battlefields and cemeteries (there were many deaths at Okinawa, American and Japanese soldiers and civilians killed in the bombings, or collective suicides by entire families…). We generally managed to get around using taxi drivers who spoke English, and so filming was both discreet and mobile. …

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Chris Marker – Six DVDs

Chris Marker - Six DVDs

Tribute to Chris Marker by Max Moswitzer

Tribute to Chris Marker by Max Moswitzer from École des Arts Déco – Paris on Vimeo.

Decasia Blu-Ray Review

The title of Decasia rhymes with “fantasia”, and the film is the epitome of an obscure arthouse title. However, for fans of Blu-ray, and especially for regulars at, the subject matter should be anything but arcane. Participants in this site’s lively forum have spent literally hundreds of hours debating the mechanics of film as it is represented in the digital medium of high definition. Discussions of grain, film stock, preservation and restoration are common, and the artistic and technical judgments of those tasked with translating images stored as film emulsion into the binary code of ones and zeroes are closely scrutinized.

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Hung in Time

Hung in Time from London Consortium TV on Vimeo.

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